Some Smiles

I have been experimenting with smiles and here R some I know/made

  • Classic smile 🙂
  • Classic frown 😦
  • Super Happy 😀
  • Classic Stick-Out-My-Tongue :p
  • Big Nose Smile :C)
  • Big Nose Frown :C(
  • Suprised Little 😮
  • Suprised Big :0
  • What :/


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We’re Back!

We’re Back!

We are back to school now that Spring Break is over.

I love that we’re back,thanks to teachers that spend their time helping kids like me.

Reading,writing,spelling,everything that helps us learn.

Teachers want a treat.

Let’s give them one.


Today my family will sell the Vanity Set for $120. Today me and my brother, Johnny don’t have Sunday School. As a kid, I have things on my mind like,what tomorrow will be like.Oh! I almost forgot! We have school tomorrow. DANG IT!

Plus, Auntie Lisa will come today.